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Smart Links

This is the most effective and transparent method of browser extension and website monetization. Smart Links solution utilizes its own algorithms of content analysis and turns regular links to affiliated ones. This tool is very tolerant to UX users and other monetization solutions. Another advantage of this method is that it keeps structure of the website unchanged. Actually this is the most effective solution for browser extension monetization.

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Search Offers

Monetization by adding new search results to main ones.

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Clickunder/Popunder/New Tab

Profit Space shows only limited number of related Ads in a new tab instead of displaying hundreds of unneeded popping up windows. We have different approaches to this kind of monetization both adaptive and regular ones.

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In-text advertising is a tool which turns keywords on a page into relevant and linked ads. The most important that this solution doesn’t interrupt user experience by distracting and non-relevant ads. Insert most profitable and convertible promo links into existing content.

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With our advanced platform for traffic monetization our partners get outstanding and one-stop solution for their business.’s team of account managers will provide you best practices and insights that will take your affiliate marketing and business to the next level.

Video Preroll

Advertising code shows licensed promo videos in compatible players (HTML5, Youtube, Vimeo and others) and monetizes those videos all over the Internet with relevant Ads.

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Share your coupons and vouchers with the extension users and websites’ visitors. Most relevant and topical coupons without damaging user experience and website design.

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Price Suggestor

It is a quick and relevant search among millions of different products which selects and displays only most fair and beneficial offers taking into account user’s interests.

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Monetize your content viewed and rated by millions of users.’s script performs detailed analysis of picture to define what is under in order to show relevant promo materials to your users. Monetization of your extension becomes transparent, profitable and easy-to-control.

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Years of improvements have led to establishing highly effective marketing and traffic monetization solutions which we provide to both our publishers and advertisers. We always adhere to Best Practices and Highest Industry Standards

Whitespace Inspace

We provide only banners of top tier advertisers in most appropriate advertising spots. Just a few lines of code and your website or add-on start making money.

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Footer Banner

This is a banner located at the bottom of the page and in no way influencing appearance of the website. This solution for monetization works perfectly with any websites and provides targeted promo for your audience.

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This tool provides advertising during transactions between content pages. Thus you are monetizing time users spend on your website.

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